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Kinesiology Muscle Balancing

Kinesiology Muscle Testing and Balancing uses Manual Muscle Testing to determine energy imbalances in the body, specifically in the meridians, organs, glands, and 5 elements. Kinesiology works on structural, biochemical/nutritional, and emotional levels, to bring a person’s energy system back to greater levels of parasympathetic dominance, or homeostasis. Originating in the Chiropractic Science of Applied Kinesiology, there have been many evolutions and developments of “Kinesiology” into different “Kinesiology Systems” which all use various techniques – (some physical e.g. Neurovascular Reflexes; Acupoint Stimulation; and simple touch; and some energetic e.g. AcuMeridian tracing; stimulating specific areas in the energy field e.g. chakras).

The Kinesiology Muscle Testing & Balancing available at The Radiant Health Centre includes an amalgamation of various different Kinesiology Systems including Touch for Health, Kinergetics, N.O.T. (Neural Organisation Technique), TBM (Total Body Modification), Body Test Points & Corrections (NSVI), and S.I.P.S. (Stress Indicator Points System).