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Bach Remedies

Bach Remedies are plant based Remedies that gently balance and soothe stressful emotional states that may get in the way of being fully present and resourceful. Safe, simple and may be very effective.

Allow 45 minutes for an appointment where the Certified Practitioner will talk with the client to ascertain the main issues that are causing concern. This can be in done in the clinic or over Zoom.

Following the consultation, a customised Bach Remedy is mixed for the client which they take away and use 4 times a time for approximately 2 weeks.

Bach Remedies were developed by a medical doctor, Dr Edward Bach over 80 years ago.  As well as being a medical doctor Dr Bach was a Bacteriologist and a Pathologist who firmly believed that if we balance the emotions dis-ease will not happen! Safe and natural and available to every household was his goal.

Anyone (including pets) may find Bach Remedies helpful for feeling more relaxed and present.

Dr Bach said “Healing with the clean, pure, beautiful agents of nature is surely the one method of all which appeals to most of us”.


Our Wellington School of Massage Therapy holds training courses for those wanting to learn more about the remarkable Bach Remedies. Contact us for details.