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The focus of the range of Therapies available at The Radiant Health Centre is to bring you back to “balance” and “homeostasis”.  Our Therapists work with each client in a way that focuses on the client; which means that every session is unique and specifically customised for each individual client.  

You may be struggling with an issue or condition; in constant nagging pain; have restricted movement that stops you from doing everyday things; have had an accident and just don’t seem to be getting any better; in a lot of stress from work issues; or an athlete with on-going injuries and performance issues; or are dissatisfied with your current provider and want another opinion.  You can either request a specific Therapy – click on any Therapy on the list displayed on the left for details – or select a specific Therapist. If you are unsure and would like to discuss in more detail please contact us by phone or email - we can help you to clarify your choice.